Popkiss: the Life and Afterlife of Sarah Records


Popkiss: The Life and Afterlife of Sarah Records is a book by journalist Michael White telling the story of Sarah.

Every band is written about, most are interviewed, and there are individual chapters on the Sea Urchins, Orchids, Field Mice, Harvey Williams, Brighter, Heavenly and Blueboy. Michael also looks at the post-punk-through-to-mid-eighties scene from which Sarah emerged and talks about the end of the label and what came after. If you’re more interested in what it looks like, then it’s a 280-page 229mm x 152mm paperback with 38 b/w images and a 16-page colour plate section.

The book is published by Bloomsbury with a rrp of £19.99, although there’s a 10% online discount if you order from the Bloomsbury website. There are also e-book type versions. Or keep your local bookshop in business by getting them to order it: the ISBN is 9781628922189. Or there’s always Amazon, but you know you’d hate yourself.

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