Trains and Postcards

Record collecting, I think we can all agree, is a bad thing, one of the worst manifestations of Capitalism. Public transport, on the other hand, is a good thing, one of the most important elements of Socialism. Each of the 7″ singles in the SARAH 21-30 sequence therefore featured on its centre label a picture of a station on the Severn Beach line, from Severn Beach itself (SARAH 21) to Lawrence Hill (SARAH 30); on one side was a close-up and, on the other, a “film strip” giving tantalising glimpses of the next and preceding stations. And in each sleeve was a postcard containing one-eighth of a picture of Bristol’s Temple Meads station, the terminus of the line. These were distributed randomly throughout the ten singles, though; so, even if you were a millionaire and bought every copy of every record you could find, there was no guarantee that you’d complete the jigsaw and find happiness. Obviously there’s lots more to say about this, as it’s a fascinating subject – no, it is – but for now here’s a photo showing some of the 7″s and all eight bits of the puzzle (plus some related posts below).

Sarah 7" labels and Temple Meads postcards