Listen to the music…

Most of the songs are available for download/streaming via the usual suspects, and you can find a dedicated Sarah Records page, with descriptions of many of the releases, on Bandcamp. If you’re not sure where to start, the nine label compilations are probably as good a place as any. Mostly these are composed of songs taken from the previous dozen or so singles; the only exceptions are our last release, There And Back Again Lane, which was a whole-label retrospective, and Air Balloon Road, which was our first foray into compact discs. Spotify versions of all nine are below.

There And Back Again Lane (SARAH 100)

Our final release, picking tracks from singles and LPs across the entire history of the label.

Battery Point (SARAH 359)

Songs from SARAH 86 to SARAH 99

Gaol Ferry Bridge (SARAH 530)

Songs from SARAH 70 to SARAH 85

Engine Common (SARAH 628)

Songs from SARAH 55 to SARAH 69

Fountain Island (SARAH 583)

Songs from SARAH 41 to SARAH 54

Glass Arcade (SARAH 501)

Songs from SARAH 29 to SARAH 40

Air Balloon Road (SARAH 545)

Our first CD, mixing tracks from the first two vinyl compilations and the first two vinyl mini-albums.

Temple Cloud (SARAH 376)

Songs from SARAH 15 to SARAH 28

Shadow Factory (SARAH 587)

Songs from SARAH 1 to SARAH 12