Shinkansen Discography

Below is a simple list of all the Shinkansen releases. Also, for reasons best known to themselves, BT haven’t yet taken down the old Shinkansen website, so, for now, there’s a more detailed discography – with sleeve images, track listing, release dates and old-school hand-crafted HTML – here.

Shinkansen 01 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Abba On The Jukebox 7″
Shinkansen 02 TOMPOT BLENNY Thinking Of Ways Of Keeping You Warm 7″EP
Shinkansen 03 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Her Handwriting CD album
Shinkansen 04 BLUEBOY Love Yourself/Melancholia 7″
Shinkansen 05 TOMPOT BLENNY Green Is The Best Colour 7″EP/CDEP
Shinkansen 06 EAST RIVER PIPE Miracleland 7″EP
Shinkansen 07 EAST RIVER PIPE Mel CD album
Shinkansen 08 TREMBLING BLUE STARS The Rainbow 7″/CDEP
Shinkansen 09 BLUEBOY Marco Polo 7″/CDEP
Shinkansen 10 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Lips That Taste Of Tears CD album
Shinkansen 11 MONOGRAPH Paper Museum 7″EP
Shinkansen 12 BLUEBOY The Bank Of England CD album
Shinkansen 13 CODY Anticyclone 7″/CDEP
Shinkansen 14 THE FIELD MICE Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way? CD double-album
Shinkansen 15 MONOGRAPH Please Don’t Be Afraid Of Anything 7″EP/CDEP
Shinkansen 16 HARVEY WILLIAMS California CD mini-album
Shinkansen 17 CODY Rounder CDEP
Shinkansen 18 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Doo-Wop Music 7″
Shinkansen 19 MONOGRAPH Don’t Gimme Shelter 7″EP
Shinkansen 21 MONOGRAPH Lorelei CD album
Shinkansen 22 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Broken By Whispers CD album
Shinkansen 23 TREMBLING BLUE STARS She Just Couldn’t Stay CDEP
Shinkansen 24 VARIOUS Lights On A Darkening Shore CD album
Shinkansen 25 FOSCA The Agony Without The Ecstasy CDEP
Shinkansen 26 FOSCA On Earth To Make The Numbers Up CD album
Shinkansen 27 PACIFIC RADIO Pacific Radio CD mini-album
Shinkansen 28 TOMPOT BLENNY Found Under Blankets CD mini-album
Shinkansen 29 CODY Stillpoint Primer CD album
Shinkansen 30 VARIOUS Christmas EP 3″ CDEP + booklet
Shinkansen 31 TREMBLING BLUE STARS The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss CDEP
Shinkansen 32 FOSCA Supine On The Astroturf CDEP
Shinkansen 33 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Alive To Every Smile CD album
Shinkansen 34 CODY Uplift CDEP
Shinkansen 35 TREMBLING BLUE STARS Slow Soft Sighs CDEP
Shinkansen 36 FOSCA Secret Crush On Third Trombone CDEP
Shinkansen 37 CODY Distance Learning CD album
Shinkansen 38 FOSCA Diary Of An Antibody CD album
Shinkansen 39 TREMBLING BLUE STARS A Certain Evening Light CD album
Shinkansen 40 TOMPOT BLENNY Sketches From Longhamville online album