Shinkansen Words

Lights On A Darkening Shore

Sleevenotes to the first Shinkansen compilation.

A Miracle on Commercial Street

This formed part of Sarah 30, a festive package originally given away at a gig in December 2000. In it, Father Christmas explains how the enclosed 3″CD will spread joy, peace, Fosca etc. to all mankind while fondling a reindeer in the toilets at the Spitz.

A Foggy Night In London Town

A short story also included in the Sarah 30 package. It’s like The Muppet Christmas Carol, only with Alan McGee and Kevin Shields instead of Muppets. So, basically the Creation Records Story.


Unlike Sarah, Shinkansen did have a web presence. There were a few paper newsletters at the start, though, when we still weren’t sure if the internet would catch on, and these are those. The original webpages have, of course, long since disappeared. There’s a moral there: for the sake of future generations, someone really needs to print out the internet.

Shinkansen Newsletter #1

Shinkansen Newsletter #2

Shinkansen Newsletter #2½

Shinkansen Newsletter #3


There were often lovely things on stalls at Shinkansen gigs for people to pick up and take home with them. Sometimes, if they played their cards right, it was me. Other than that, it was mostly leaflets, and sadly I didn’t always remember to pick one up myself, especially if I needed to leave in a hurry or while no one was looking, but these are a few I’ve found.

Trembling Blue Stars & Harvey Williams at Notting Hill Arts Club


Trembling Blue Stars U.S. tour (note American paper size!)

Nope, no idea when this is from


You know what 7″ inserts are.

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